Virtual CIO

Many business owners research IT solutions themselves, however IT is a specialist area with so many challenges that it needs someone with a broad understanding of technology and knowledge of your business goals to develop and implement an effective IT strategy. A Chief Information Officer (CIO) takes full responsibility for a company’s technological resources while providing insight, advice, and leadership in IT strategy. This usually comes with a hefty salary but our Virtual CIO provides all the perks but for an agreed amount of time each month. Arrangements are flexible, giving you complete control.

With a CIO

  • You never have to question whether your IT is being fully utilized.
  • You can focus on other aspects of your business while a competent advisor directs IT strategy.
  • You will have a more flexibility: decide how long, and how often you wish to use a CIO, while avoiding employment contracts.

Without a CIO

  • You are required to develop IT strategy while managing other responsibilities
  • You are unsure if your IT infrastructure is adequate for your needs.
  • Your IT investment decisions are not formed by an expert.
  • You are unaware of long-term IT strategies.

Our IT Strategy and Consulting Services also include IT Planning and Network Design as well as Migrations and Deployments, IT Procurement and Project Management. The Finland Technology Solutions team are ready and waiting to help - call today.