IT Planning and Network Design

Our planning and design services combines our team’s thorough knowledge with extensive experience to provide our clients with network plans that surpass their expectations. We can build a new network entirely from scratch or upgrade your initial design to meet your current needs.

  • Do you plan on expanding to multiple locations?
  • What level of network, server, computer, and application security are you seeking?
  • Have you considered data backup and disaster recovery planning?
  • Will your plan include communications technologies such as VoIP?
  • Will choosing a specific plan now limit your business in the future?
  • Minimize cost through network design optimization
  • Streamline workflow and increased productivity
  • Ensure successful day-one deployment
  • Understanding of alternative designs options helps gauge current and future service requirements

Finland Technology’s network planning and design services involves the following procedures:

  • Network diagnostics
  • Network architecture selection
  • Product and technology recommendations
  • Detailed network analysis and design

As well as IT Planning and Network Design, Finland Technology Solutions also offer a full suite of IT Strategy & Consulting services such as Migrations and Deployments, IT Procurement, Project Management and Virtual CIO Services. Talk to us if you’d like to find out more.