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Imagine the convenience of having a central panel to control all lighting and audio systems in your home and office. Not only does it modernize your space, but it also has the added benefits of streamlining audio experience wherever you are and saving electricity costs with smart bulbs that let you dim or brighten lights based on ambient conditions.

Finland Technology Solutions has partnered with Lutron and Sonos to provide a wide range of home and office automation services. Lutron offers a variety of smart light switches, lamp controls, and automated shades, while Sonos is a great choice for converting existing in-wall/ceiling speakers or adding a whole new audio system to your home or office. These smart appliances can also be incorporated into and controlled by your existing Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Siri devices.

Benefits of Finland Technology Solutions Automation solutions include:
  • Energy savings with reduced solar heat and automated bulb dimmer
  • Customized audio listening experience indoors and outdoors
  • Ease of use with interactive control panels and wireless capabilities
  • Easy-to-manage light control solution
  • Increased comfort and convenience
  • Effective marketing point when reselling the property