The Importance of Back-ups

The first time I realized I needed to implement a personal back up solution was during my college career.  My computer was a 15” Black MacBook and I had all of my flip-phone photos backed up for the last few years as well as most of my old high school photos and videos which were never uploaded to FB.   I didn’t have a backup solution set up that one fateful night when my cat, Franklin, decided that he needed to knock over a glass of water on my Macbook


years of memories were wiped out in an instant

The usual causes of data loss include: Hardware malfunctions, Human Error, Software Corruption, Computer Viruses, and Natural Disasters.

According to the Hard drive annualized failure rate is between 0%-3.03%.  totaling to about a 1.25% rate of failure and that accounts to 44% of the leading causes of data loss.


When failure strikes it can cost companies thousand to try to recover the data and even then, sometimes the data is unrecoverable, like in my situation.

After grieving the loss of all of those photos and trying meticulously to recover anything, I finally accepted defeat and after a trip to the Apple store, I started looking at different back up solutions.

Back then there were only expensive cloud solutions.  Now there is a vast array of ways to back up your files and even your entire computer in the cloud for not a lot of money.  I personally now use ICloud to back up my files.  It is built into all of my Apple devices and makes it easy for me to have all my documents and files on all of my devices.  This may not be the best solution for all users (mainly pc).  Another solutions is to use Carbonite cloud back up solutions. This service is an easy way to back up all of your files automatically.  You install the application and after some configuration about which files you would like to back up, you don’t have to worry about it again!  Your files are safe from disaster and wild cats.

But being a broke college student I looked for a more college budget friendly solution.  An external hard drive fit the bill for my needs.   There are many options, sizes, and connections for external drives, depending on your need.  I went with a Seagate USB2.0 (there was no 3.0 back then) 2 TB drive.  I implemented Apple’s build in Time machine back up solution and directed it to back up all of my files.  Being the paranoid person I am I also decided to get a second WD Seagate to back up data once a month and leave it off site, at my parent place (in case of fire/disaster).  This multi tiered approach to back ups has continued to be a part of my personal infrastructure and I sleep much better at night knowing that my personal files are safe no matter what situation


-John Gonzalez